I don't know about anyone else (as I am doing this same challenge with 2 groups currently), but I am extremely motivated by this whole deal. The idea that my honeymoon is closing in (7 weeks left), feeling accountable for everything (and even the thought that others might be looking at what I eat everyday) is helping me keep my willpower up and running. Weighed in just under 190 for the 1st time in a few months this morning. Kinda feel weird about it cause I know I shouldn't lose weight as fast as I seem to be, but I assume that it will drop fast at first and then slack up as the weeks roll on. As long as I can keep losing something each week, and keep hitting the gym as much as I have been, I should be well on my way to (dare I even think it) being able to hit the mexican beaches sans-shirt.... well, as long as I can get my back waxed first.


The Kaiser said...

Careful with that sans-shirt stuff. Remember: No matter how snikky you are, the sun is your enemy.

The Kaiser said...


Monster said...

I should point out that even if you are really sneaky... you'll still have to invest in some sunscreen.

Monster said...

As to the idea of being really motivated... ditto.

Megan has always told me that she knew I wouldn't really get healthy and lose weight unless I was obsessed... and I'm starting to feel really dedicated (even if apathetically, see earlier post).

In any case, I'm glad we're doing this... big time.