My main problem...

... has got to be my own twisted mind. I have serious impulse control issues. If I can use this challenge to make myself think twice about all the nasty (but darn tasty) items that run through my head each day, then this is worth alot more than $25.00.


Monster said...

Isn't it sad how little control we actually have? It takes physical effort for me NOT to turn left, toward the McDonald's drive-thru (mmm breakfast burritos) but to turn right, which is a more direct way to work.

Sick, man, I'm telling you. I see the weepy-eyed obese people on talk shows sniveling... "I thought I had control of my life, but FOOD had contr-tr-troooooollllaaaahhh" and I think cmon, seriously? But know, I'm beginning to understand.

And that's pretty scary.

Monster said...

know = you know


know = now