ob·ses·sion (b-sshn, b-)
n - Compulsive preoccupation with a fixed idea or an unwanted feeling or emotion, often accompanied by symptoms of anxiety.

For the last 2 weeks I have be completely preoccupied with this whole diet/exercise thing... but (not necessarily in a bad way) other things have started to creep back into my mind. Between things I should be doing (like homework), or things I would rather do (like video games) the over the top approach I have been taking towards this has taken a back seat.

So what can I do to find a happy balance to my often frantic mind. How can I find motivation to break my 7 hour a night gaming habit up with an hour in the gym? How, once I have pulled myself away from the gaming, can I justify wasting time at the gym when I should be working on programming assignments?


Hex said...

That's one of the worst parts of it for me too. I used to belong to a local gym under the rationale that "hey I'm paying for it -- I've GOTTA go."

But malaise don't care about benjamin's.

One thing that did work for me for a while was to pack a gym bag before I left for the day and put it somewhere near the door where I could see it when I got back -- hence sort of reminding myself AND making sure I couldn't take the out of "well, I need to get everything together before I go, and that will take time and I need to make a phone call and get to level 12 of space invaders and WHOA, look at the time.. too late to go to the gym now."

Unfortunatley after a while, you can't even food yourself.

I work out at home now, which is in a lot of ways easier to skip -- but it's just one of those things that I force myself into. I am very big with workouts on keeping them short - about 30 minutes tops, so even when it is a hassle it's over quickly.

Unfortunatley I also run, which can be really time consuming (the way I do it *LOL*) - so I have to block out time for that, which then gives me an easy out to skip it with.

"Oh I have to be at such and such in an hour, so I don't have time to run right now"

The key -- and make note this is something I still haven't mastered myself -- is to somehow make yourself realize that working out/dieting/whatever is NOT something you've added on to your normal daily routine, i.e. something that you have to work around.

It's a part of it. As much as sleeping and gaming are, working out is just something that you do during the day. It has to become somehow internalized so that it's not this thing you feel you HAVE to do (like taxes) but that the rewards are such that it's something you WANT to do.

The problem really is that your body is like your worst enemy in this. Your body doesn't remember that it actually prefers working at a higher heartrate. Right now your body (like you) prefers sitting on the floor with a game controller in your hand -- it's easier and more fun.

It sucks, but you gotta force that memory back to the surface and make it happen.

One of the things I have the advantage of is a 5 year-old that when I'm at my more large and lethargic moments I CANNOT KEEP UP WITH FOR ANY EXTENDED PERIOD OF TIME.

Not that I'll ever be able to match his amphetamine-like energy levels, but that I'm quickly and embarrasingly reminded of what a fat old fart I've become when I can't run around with him for more than half an hour.

So Michael Jackson -- find yourself a kid and get motivated, or that money's MINE, yo!

Monster said...

Dude, he called you Michael Jackson.

The Kaiser said...

An energetic dog could do the same job and while many dog shelters are kind of psychotic about asking probing personal questions to potential adopters of canines, it's still probably easier than finding someone to sell you a five year old.