Our Records Show That You Are Still A Fatass

So I got an odd phone call today from my gym this morning -- wondering where I'd been.

A little back story here: The place I work has a really nice employee gym that everyone here raves about. Unfortunately, I'm a contracted employee -- which means due to insurance concerns I am not allowed to use it. I was on one of my annual pity-party health kicks at the time, and got sorta pissed about it until a friend turned me on to a sweetheart deal that one of the local gyms was offering.

I checked it out, liked what I heard, signed up -- and went gung ho for a while.

But then it fell off. I started making excuses, and kinda fell off the wagon. I haven't been there in months. The sweetheart price I got is because I signed a longer term deal, so the money still goes out every month -- which sucks, but every month serves as a reminder that I really do need to get back in there.

At the same time I'm not the only one out there who's ever gotten snaked in by a gym contract well after the point where they gave up on trying to get back in shape. Usually you have to consider it just part of the risk when you sign one of those contracts.

But to have them actually call and say, "Hey, we're still taking your money, but we would love to actually have your lard butt back in here once in a while so we can actually help you out." was an unexpected, and to be honest -- really nice surprise.
I really should get back in there one of these days.