Pulled off the rare trifecta -- missing lunch yesterday, going out all night, drinking a shitload of beer, wolfing down fast food somewhere around 11pm and then going to a few more places, drinking a whole bunch more beer and doing shots of some sort of Wild Turkey whiskey called "American Honey" -- followed by hard sleep, waking up rough, and then charging through a 30 minute full-body workout and then running off to work.
How I'm still awake and lucid at this point is a complete mystery.
But I put off working out for much longer than I should have all weekend, so the fact that I found a way (granted, an insane way) to get it in makes me feel a little better.



Haven't done a lot of working out this week, but I did attend a seriously awesome concert by Skindred at a tiny hole in the wall club here in Jacksonville earlier in the week.

It was almost identical to a really good workout, except that instead of an energy drink I had a bunch of whiskey, and instead of doing high reps on a weight machine I slamdanced and then bounced around for the better part of an hour while periodically singing along at the top of my lungs.

I came out of it drenched in sweat, popping with endorphins, and feeling it in every muscle.

Three times a week of that kind of action and I'd be set.



Purchased EA Active over the weekend -- their new "personal trainer" program. Gave it a try, and got a hell of a workout for 20 minutes. The interesting thing about it (so far) is that the exercises are largely the same sort of total body interval moves that the Turbulence Training guy who's book I read a while back.

I need to start the 30-day challenge feature, and the website has lots of pages to check out as well, but it gives me an at-home workout option I really didn't have before. The trick now (as always) is sticking with it.



I blinked when I saw this. Then I weighed myself a few more times to be sure. It's really not that big of a deal.. but it's a pretty big deal.



Been trying different things, edging towards re-establishing a gym regimen, and swimming when I can. But on the flip side, I've been missing meals and sometimes eating things I probably shouldn't.

The Yo continues to Yo.