Odd thought that's been bouncing around my head all morning:

If I paid for hair replacement on my bald spot, people would probably giggle and point behind my back.
But if I got liposuction done, I bet they'd all say "Good for you."



This particular number doesn't really tell the story, because more than just being on the bad side of my own weight spectrum lately, I just feel horrendously fat. It's different from those times where you reach a certain unfortunate comfort level with your size (whatever it may be), because lately I'm just more aware of it. Can't stop thinking about it.
As a result, I've been having some pretty crazy thoughts lately.
Colonics. Liposuction. Body Wraps. Something to kick start me off. Essentially the lottery tickets of the weight loss world.
But honestly, there's a point where it sounds like the only real answer.
To tell you the truth, I'm starting to feel like I'll never escape 250. Seriously, even if I can get dedicated with my workouts and curb my diet in a good direction, I feel like I'm forever doomed to be this size.

So why not just fork out huge money and have it sucked out? Why not get a 30 or 40-pound head start? Wouldn't my workouts be more effective if I wasn't fat to start with? Wouldn't I do better if I was without all this junk inside me?

Not that I could probably afford it anyways, but lately the question "How much would lipo really cost?" has really been bouncing around in my head.
Probably not a healthy train of thought to be on, but I'm on it nonetheless.
Have to see where this goes..