Got to the gym late, but still managed to put in an hour. I missed a couple of days, so everything burned a little more than it might have otherwise, and I might have done myself some good there -- but I'm feeling really lonely tonight and can't shake the suspicion that your cell phone hates me; so I'm probably gonna hit the bar and drown my sorrows in something fattening.



Remember that 2 miles I said I ran? Well I finally had a chance to measure and it was actually more like 5.



Been really going at it lately. Two straight days in the gym, and then last night I decided to run/walk 2 miles. I can't say I really aced it, but I did finish the track. I'll probably do some lifting today too, try to keep up the string.



Family business and other things left me at home thinking it was getting too late to work out at all, when I just up and decided to stop whining and just GO. Ended up doing a full-on 45 minutes in the gym. It sounds sorta screwy, but with the things I've got going in my world a gym visit from 8pm to 9 might just be the perfect fit. Have to see how it works out from here.

PS - Happy birthday to me.



Yesterday I was at the store pricing pull-up bars that I might be able to install in one of my doorways (pull-ups are a big part of my new plan to work on my arms and back), and I was starting to like what I was seeing in terms of price -- but then on the back of the box of the one I was leaning towards I saw a little note that said

"Not recommended for persons weighing more than 255 pounds."



Last night I did a lot of planning to work out. Didn't actually work out at all, but I did a lot of the prep work. Transferred video files from my computer to DVD, started laying out times, trying to figure out what I might need to buy, (I need dumbbells at least), but by the time all that was done it was almost 9, and I hadn't eaten much of anything all day. So by the time I figured out dinner I'd pretty much talked myself out of doing anything.

Somehow all that thinking took 4 pounds off me. So, you know -- woot.



Didn't work out at all this weekend. Went swimming with my son, but nothing resembling exercise actually happened. I'm in this weird place where despite the fact that I'm pretty convinced that it's not gonna work for me, I am considering working at least part of P90X into my regimen (which I say like I have one, even though I clearly don't).

But there's a simple problem -- I can't really do a pull up. Well, I could probably do one, but that's about it. P90X is all about pull-ups and stuff, which means I'm gonna have trouble with it.

Lets not lie. I want results, but I don't want the process.



Yo-yo. Yo-yo. Yo-yo.



Was gonna work out last night, but just never got there.



Did an hour in the gym yesterday, but after writing this earlier in the day, it's not really surprising to me that it was a really half-assed, unmotivated session. Also started working on a plan to get back to eating breakfast every day, which I'd kinda gotten away from. My whole eating regimen has got to change. It's almost reflex for me to work through lunch, because I've done it for years. But skipping breakfast too left my body wanting to hold on to everything in my gut, not to mention the fact that by the time dinner rolled around I could eat a horse every night.



Hour in the gym yesterday. Also went swimming in the pool. Had a killer steak for dinner, which probably didn't help -- but it was really good, so whatevs.



Does it help if I say that I just finished eating breakfast?
No, I didn't think so.



Full hour in the gym yesterday. Also started looking at my eating habits during the day -- and didn't really like what I found. Need to start drinking more water.



Bad morning. This is the only blog I can update without totally unloading on people. Also, I'm still fat.



Another right out of the shower weigh-in (the scale is in the bathroom). Do my clothes really weight that much?



I'm weighing myself before the football starts, because there's a slight chance I might be eating some really crappy food in the next few hours.



This seems to be the number I always come back to.



I don't understand these big jumps day to day. I know water weight varies, but 6 pounds? Really?



Haven't been to the gym in a few days. Feel like I'm going the wrong way with this.



My scale. My enormous ass. Disappointing.



I was able to weigh myself today, but it wasn't my scale.