Earlier this week the scale threw a 257 at me. I was floored and saddened, but it was impossible to escape the fact that I've not been working out, not been careful about my eating, not really caring as much. Early on it was part of a vacation, a reconnection, a celebration of flavors and passion and connection and unity and all, and then days later it was mourning a greyhound bus pulling away and the once again end of that feeling.

And yet, from closing in on 240 to back pushing 260. It hurt.

I've worked back a bit since then, which this number thankfully attests to.



There are three things I've dedicated myself to doing in the next 6 months -- with hopes that this extra dedication will yield results and get me in the habit of not losing touch with any of them on a regular basis:
Write every day.
Perform at least one song a week on Guitar.
Work out and finally lose the weight.
So far I'm on good track with two of these, but seeing this morning's numbers on the scale -- and knowing exactly the kind of junk food and laziness that led directly to it happening means I've still got a lot of work to do.



For the last 10 days, I was on vacation. As such, junk food was a priority. Pizza, wings, booze, chinese food, and more.

As such, the fact that I'm somehow holding at 250 is a huge surprise.

I'm looking to get back on the horse this week (among other things) -- so hopefully progress will follow.

Fingers crossed, yo.