Busied myself with all sorts of other things this weekend, but still found/made time for short workouts. Want to hit the weight room this week. We'll see what happens.



Sporadic workouts. Life stress. Pizza. Life changes. Booze. Anger, hurt, loss. More booze. Eating angry. Workouts seem pointless when you feel like you're just sliding back into the place you've worked so hard to crawl back out of since you freed yourself from the people that held you down, held you back.
And yet, this morning I did 25 minutes with EA active. Makes no sense.
But then again, what really does?



Didn't work out over the weekend. Ate a lot of pizza. Personal drama, weekend ennui, and whatever made a bad cocktail. I have to figure out a way for exercise and eating right not to be the part of my day I have to struggle to make happen. It should be a part of my routine -- it just isn't yet.



Worked out twice yesterday. Once in the morning, then started EA Active's 30 day challenge last night. Legs are feeling it, but hopefully the results will follow.