None of this makes any sense whatsoever.

I don't know if my altered eating habits are having an effect or if I just stood on the scale wrong this morning, but I'm suddenly losing weight like crazy.

Not that 255 is any sort of huge achievement, but just a week or so back I was like 267 -- so this is actually a great number to see staring back at me.



Well, this is certainly better than some of the numbers I've been seeing lately -- but it's still not really any sort of progress that's worth shouting about. This whole process is a huge headslap, and it just gets tiring after a while.

Things to do. Pounds to lose.




Who gains weight after a bought with food poisoning? Seriously, what the fuck?



Well that's just great.

Three days now of swimming laps. Nothing insane, just 4-5 high-intensity back and forths in the apartment pool, the result of which (thus far) has been a huge endorphin kick and my heart pounding from the full-body effort so much that recovery is as much effort as the work -- and now I'm reading that leading researchers pretty much agree that swimming doesn't do much of anything as a weight loss tool.

It's fun. It's kicking my ass, I feel great when I get out of the water -- yet it's doing nothing for me?
Not cool.
I'm not sure this news is going to make me stop. I really like the way I feel after this workout, and I don't see how a full-body exertion like this could be bad for me. Sure it might not give me washboard abs tomorrow, but it's the first thing I've wanted to stick to in a long time.
Friggin' scientists ruining my fun.



Haven't posted in a while. Things have been back and forth. But here's the important stuff:
  • A doctor told me I had to lose 50 pounds or my risk of stroke or heart disease will triple.
  • Then he said, "come see me again in 4 months"
  • 50 pounds
  • 4 Months
Honestly, when I first heard the number I thought he was joking. It's just a ridiculous thought. And that, coupled with some other problems got me eating. There was a 260-something I didn't post a week ago, because I was just ashamed and embarrassed about it.

But I've been back in the gym again lately, working on controlling my caloric intake, the whole nine yards all over again. But then yesterday I was running late to this and that -- and almost bailed on working out altogether -- when a realization hit me that I can't really understand why I hadn't thought of before..
There's a pool at my apartment.
I mean, I know it's there -- I've swam in it many times with my son. But never had I considered it an exercise option.

But last night, pressed for time and with the sun starting to set, I got in there and did a bunch of laps. I was heaving breath and my legs were tight when I got out, but I was also feeling charged and great.

Can I do that every day? Probably not -- but it's an exciting new option that I'm gonna keep up with for a while, especially while the weather's nice.

My weight doesn't seem to be changing that much, but my options are a little more open, and that can't be a bad thing -- you know?