I probably shouldn't be posting so often, but I think I'm over-enamoured with my own progress right now. The scale is in super-nice mode, but it's hard to take it seriously when you still can't see your own junk.



Scales lie. But sometimes that's why we love them. I'm gonna try to cut down to weighing myself like twice a week, but this number seemed worth crowing about.



I know you're not supposed to weigh yourself every day, and that scales aren't always reliable. I know that between water weight and whatever I might have for lunch this number doesn't really mean all that much -- but it's the first time I've been under 250 in more than a year, so I'm pretty damn excited about it.



The yo-yo continues. Gym yesterday was only 30 minutes, but I went at it hard.



Went to the gym Sunday, actually even worked out this morning (in addition to plans to go to the gym tonight). Spent more than my usual amount on groceries that are actually good for me (which is the part I always sort of forget about, how much more healthy food costs than processed stuff).

Sticking with it, but we've all heard that before.



Starting to think I shouldn't weigh myself every day. It's a habit now, but recording things this often makes the wins seem bigger and the losses seem worse than they probably really are in the short term.



So it's gonna be like this, eh?

I do a solid hour in the gym. I eat according to my strict new schedule. I do all these things right and we're just gonna stay at 254.

Not cool, man. Not cool.



Lots of booze and then an after-drinking snack last night won a split decision over the salads I had for lunch and dinner.



The gym at my apartment complex is finally open again.

When I first moved to this place, I was more driven by price and a few certain features than anything else, but the fact that there was mention of a gym in the brochure certainly didn't hurt their pitch. The thing was, when I moved in the thing was sealed up tight and cordoned off with security tape.

Apparently there was a fire.

The official version is that there was a lightning strike, but it's hard not to imagine that some fatty snuck a George Foreman grill in there and things got out of hand.

Whatever the case it's back. And I'm going to take advantage.



Considering the weekend of drinking and New York street food that I'm coming off, the fact that this is only three pounds more than what I started with is kinda shocking. Hopefully I can get those back off soon.



Thats what it said. I weighed myself twice to be sure. 250!



Well, at least I'm still holding steady.



You don't even know how badly I want to break 250. Especially being this close.


It's a little weird to see the numbers stay this consistent. Even when I was working out like a fiend there was still a little variation.

My big push this time has been getting medieval on my eating habits. All this week it's been packet of oatmeal for breakfast, some sort of salad for lunch, and something decent for dinner.

Been to the gym twice this week. Only missed yesterday because of little league.

I'm finding myself really hungry during the day, which is a problem -- but the results pretty much speak for themselves, so I need to stick with it.



Holding steady. Ate breakfast (oatmeal), salad for lunch, and a sensible dinner yesterday. Also spent an hour in the gym.



I don't know how the hell this happened, but I'll take it.

What else I'll take is a fresh start. Sure, sure, I know what you're saying -- another fresh start eh? How many is that -- 50 so far?

Honestly, I'm gonna talk to Monster and see if we can change the name of the site to Challenge of the Pudgy Fresh Starts. Seems like that would be more fitting.

Anyways, the fresh start. Hit the gym today for an hour. Not too impressive, a lot of rust to shake off. But I was there. Then I hit the grocery store for some needed stuff and ended up buying a bunch of vegetables.

I was shocked too.

I'm trying. I really am. I just hope something good comes of it this time.