ob·ses·sion (b-sshn, b-)
n - Compulsive preoccupation with a fixed idea or an unwanted feeling or emotion, often accompanied by symptoms of anxiety.

For the last 2 weeks I have be completely preoccupied with this whole diet/exercise thing... but (not necessarily in a bad way) other things have started to creep back into my mind. Between things I should be doing (like homework), or things I would rather do (like video games) the over the top approach I have been taking towards this has taken a back seat.

So what can I do to find a happy balance to my often frantic mind. How can I find motivation to break my 7 hour a night gaming habit up with an hour in the gym? How, once I have pulled myself away from the gaming, can I justify wasting time at the gym when I should be working on programming assignments?


Chemical Sponge

I don't know about the science behind this, but I've noticed that now that I'm eating few calories (read: less food), food & drink with "medicinal" qualities effect me more.

For example, I have become, though I doth protest, a two-cup-of-coffee guy. I used to have a steady flow of coffee into my craw all day, but now the caffeine hypes me up quick, and I have to lay off in order to be sure that I'm making sense to the people around me.

Megan drinks some Kava tea to help relax her and prepare her for sleep, and as I haven't been sleeping well, I tried some last night. I was out like an f'n light.

So I'm wondering, do mood-altering chemicals and herbs and what-not act more potently if there are fewer calories/less food in my gut to soak them up? Could it be that I'm actually just a little healthier, and therefore more sensitive to chemical alterations?

Kinda crazy, but kinda nifty. Any indicator that things are working as they should is good by me.


Bullet Train

I'm looking around, but FitDay doesn't seem to have an entry listed for "enormous fight with my ex-wife" which had to have burned off a couple of calories but in turn could also lead into a ton more eating.

It's one of the more frustrating parts of this whole process for me, that so much of my body's motivation for holding on or losing weight seems tied to my emotional states..

        I mean honestly, like twizzlers is gonna fix ANYTHING?


Clean Eating

1st off when are we gonna get a tale-of-the-tape rundown on Hex? Does he have a fitday account?

I also wanted to post a link to the menshealth forum's "clean eating" thread. Ignore most everything but the 1st post. http://forums.menshealth.com/eve/ubb.x/a/tpc/f/295109121/m/721103321
Main idea here is figuring out how many calories you need to eat a day, and to determine how many of those calories should be from protien, fat, and carbs. Using this and fitday together (since fitday will do your daily calulations for you) makes for a pretty easy measuring guide.

Visualize The Workout (Instead of Doing It)

For me this is the worst part. I have the time. I have the goal in mind - but somehow there's that last click on the switch that just doesn't want to go. The workout when I do it energizes me and makes me feel like I'm moving forward in the right way towards my non-pudgy victory circle down the line, but I'll be damned if I actually want to do anything about it right now at all.

I went out to a bar last night just to get away from this empty apartment for a while (and also to watch game 6) and had a couple of beers to help me along the way. I also cooked this mama jamma dinner before that, grilled chicken and dirty rice. Nothing unhealthy, but when eaten with in copious amouts with reckless abandon it certainly can't be a great thing..

I mean, imagine if you wolfed down 100 granola bars or something. 100's still 100.

Blah. Now I'm blathering.
..Might as well get to it.

The Burrito Option

Okay, so I didn't bring anything for lunch today, either. In a calculated move, I decided to do a little research on my own re: my purchased lunch options. I found this:

My burrito has 35g of fat, and 864 calories. How about yours?

My initial burrito option had something like 47g of fat and over 1100 calories. Now I'm thinking I may not go burrito at all.

Either the internet is the coolest, or I hate it. I can't decide right now.




I don't know about anyone else (as I am doing this same challenge with 2 groups currently), but I am extremely motivated by this whole deal. The idea that my honeymoon is closing in (7 weeks left), feeling accountable for everything (and even the thought that others might be looking at what I eat everyday) is helping me keep my willpower up and running. Weighed in just under 190 for the 1st time in a few months this morning. Kinda feel weird about it cause I know I shouldn't lose weight as fast as I seem to be, but I assume that it will drop fast at first and then slack up as the weeks roll on. As long as I can keep losing something each week, and keep hitting the gym as much as I have been, I should be well on my way to (dare I even think it) being able to hit the mexican beaches sans-shirt.... well, as long as I can get my back waxed first.

Welcome to Hex

My good buddy Hex has joined the ranks... the Challenge of the Pudgy Titans echoes thoughout the country.

Is it calling YOU?

Tattoo Ideas vol 1

So, as the reward for this little endeavor is some swank ink, I thought I'd post a couple of ideas.

I will NOT, as Ryan suggests, be getting the face of Walter Cronkite immortalized on my person.

The Cronk rocks, but not quite in a tattoo kinda way.

I do like this logo from the Corps of Royal Alician Marines:

It's got a "fist of a titan" thing going on that I dig. The other idea I have is a symbol my sister first introduced to me upon her return from Ghana:

It's the "gye-nyame" (pronounced ZHEE NYA-MEE), and it's a symbol of the supremacy or omnipotence of God. The story goes that in Ghanaian, it literally translates to "expect for God", and used to be used to decorate items that belonged to the tribal leader, who was divinely ordained. Hence, no one "except for God" can sit on this stool, use this staff, etc. Later, when the indigenous people were fighting to retain the land of Africa, tribal warriors used to tattoo themselves with this mark, as if to say "no one except for God has dominion over my body", and thus, if death came in battle, it was the work of God, not a hated French colonist.

Tomorrow in Tatt History 101, we'll be studying the peoples of Polynesia...

...just kidding.

A Plague On Both Your Houses

I got feverish and sick on Saturday evening - had me cooped up indoors until late yesterday afternoon. I'm not sleeping well with Megan & the boys gone - which is kind-of casting an odd haze over everything during my day. I do have a kind of sleepy resolve, though - it's making me control my eating habits through an almost apathetic style of dedication.

Hey, whatever works.



Had a bad day yesterday... control-wise, anyway. I was out and about most of the day, ate lunch at TGIFriday's with the work crew (at least it wasn't by myself). It's tough for me to try to order something moderately healthy at a place like that... it just doesn't taste as good. I know I would have probably enjoyed a salad as much as my burger and fries... but alas. Then I went out again for dinner... a tex-mex place - chips and salsa and other goodies. I did NOT have popcorn at the theatre last night, though... but I did eat some gummy bears.

Alas, it was not a day in which the gods noticed me. But there is today... we shall see....


My main problem...

... has got to be my own twisted mind. I have serious impulse control issues. If I can use this challenge to make myself think twice about all the nasty (but darn tasty) items that run through my head each day, then this is worth alot more than $25.00.


Fire Within Me (Burning Calories?)

I doubt it's good for my overall health, but I'm thinking that intense anger at inept coworkers probably does help burn some calories. For some reason, a few little asinine quirks left over from last night's shift just got my blood boiling this morning.

So I'm wondering... will a fiery temper help the progress? Or will it, combined with my excess weight, just cause me to have an aneurysm and render the entire point moot?


Like Water Under the... uhm... be right back

Okay, so...

I'm trying not to drink all of the sodas, dig? I mean, usually, I've had a couple of 20oz Coca-Colas by this point. It seems like it would be shooting myself in the foot to pour sugar-water down my throat. Diet Coke still has caffeine, which I'm told stimulates your appetite... and Diet Caffeine Free Coke seems like a really good way to waste $1.27.

So I've been drinking a lot of water. Like, I dunno, about 60oz so far today. The problem with this is...

... our bathroom is up a flight of stairs.

Uncool... does a person's bladder expand to accommodate new and improved drinking habits?

I believe he said he had to go pee

That's right Punk!

You have to know that I plan on winning this.

Gauntlet, Thrown Down

I was going to use this space to eloquently talk about healthy competition, and how when applied between brothers, a rivalry can compel both to great things.

Then Ryan posted before I finished editing, and was all "I hope you know I'm gonna win" or whatever.

So now I say, bring it on, beeotch. I'm already a double-cheeseburger ahead of you!