Welcome to Hex

My good buddy Hex has joined the ranks... the Challenge of the Pudgy Titans echoes thoughout the country.

Is it calling YOU?


ucfgeek said...

Does this mean that I get to take $25 from the both of you? Or is Hex simply down for the group scoldings being dished towards naughty eating in this little forum.

Monster said...

I'm not exactly sure where the $25 thing came from... I mean, if you want to give me your money, that's fine... but I think it might be an invention of your confusing this endeavor with the ones at work...

Hex said...

It doesn't matter how you slice it, because that money's MINE!

Wait... what money?

I thought this was about getting Cronkite tatted all over my person?

Have I been decived?
...Where is Padme?


ucfgeek said...

The initial e-mailed challenge between monster and I had a 25$ contribution towards the tat as a wager. I have the e-mails to prove it - so no backing out cause you want a pizza (heheh - like how I worked that pizza thing in again?). But as I have a $$$ game going on the side we can run this one for bragging rights.

I don't know hex, but I can assure him that my conquering of this weight loss competition will be both swift and merciless.

Monster said...

Sure sure fine whatever. I'm $25 richer any way you slice it.