See, THIS is how you run a weight loss blog.

During the time when depression and frustration and apathy start to stack up on you and you suddenly realize that you're no longer occasionally victimized by water weight gain when you sometimes cross the 260 line, but that somewhere along the line you're actually backsliding and you start seeing consistent 270's on the scale -- DON'T BLOG THEM.

Instead, wait a few weeks, start watching your eating a little bit and drink more water, then when the number on the scale starts to look more like your normal averages, then you can write it down.

Except this time I've really got to figure this out, because it's getting worse.

It might sound like a cop-out, but now that I've gotten this whole mess with my son's schooling cleared out, my next big obstacle is figuring out what the hell to do about losing some weight.

I've been sort of quietly weighing my options between trying P90X again or actually paying a trainer to sit on my ass two or three times a week. One's really expensive and might not be sustainable, and the other one is something I failed at before but has been endorsed by a bunch of people I know.

Either way I need to get on this. I'm tired of feeling and looking this way.