Bullet Train

I'm looking around, but FitDay doesn't seem to have an entry listed for "enormous fight with my ex-wife" which had to have burned off a couple of calories but in turn could also lead into a ton more eating.

It's one of the more frustrating parts of this whole process for me, that so much of my body's motivation for holding on or losing weight seems tied to my emotional states..

        I mean honestly, like twizzlers is gonna fix ANYTHING?


Monster said...

See the earlier post entitled "Fire Within Me", during which I make the case that frustrations at work should count for the loss of calories.

Ryan spent 10 minutes with Google just so he could feel like he was winning.

But in any case, I'm with you. Where was it planted in our heads that when you feel down, or angry, or sad, or what-have-you... you're entitled to a burger, or pizza, or whatever? Why was that ever a consolation?

Monster said...

Am I insane, or did bratwurst just turn into twizzlers? That's freaky-deaky, and extremely unappetizing.

ucfgeek said...