The Burrito Option

Okay, so I didn't bring anything for lunch today, either. In a calculated move, I decided to do a little research on my own re: my purchased lunch options. I found this:

My burrito has 35g of fat, and 864 calories. How about yours?

My initial burrito option had something like 47g of fat and over 1100 calories. Now I'm thinking I may not go burrito at all.

Either the internet is the coolest, or I hate it. I can't decide right now.


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ucfgeek said...

I usually go with a burrito bol with chicken, blackbeans, lettuce, cheese, mild and corn salse = 589cal with 49g protien and 51g carbs.

Still a heavy meal, but better.

If I'd skip the beans I would be down to a very respectable 459 with 40g protien and 29g carbs.

That is about as clean as I think you can get with a fast food place.