Visualize The Workout (Instead of Doing It)

For me this is the worst part. I have the time. I have the goal in mind - but somehow there's that last click on the switch that just doesn't want to go. The workout when I do it energizes me and makes me feel like I'm moving forward in the right way towards my non-pudgy victory circle down the line, but I'll be damned if I actually want to do anything about it right now at all.

I went out to a bar last night just to get away from this empty apartment for a while (and also to watch game 6) and had a couple of beers to help me along the way. I also cooked this mama jamma dinner before that, grilled chicken and dirty rice. Nothing unhealthy, but when eaten with in copious amouts with reckless abandon it certainly can't be a great thing..

I mean, imagine if you wolfed down 100 granola bars or something. 100's still 100.

Blah. Now I'm blathering.
..Might as well get to it.


Monster said...

100 granola bars = gross.

That's one thing that's been helping me... I'm eating some reasonably unhealthy foods (like, say, spaghetti) but just in smaller portions. I've found that I can adjust my notion about how much I should have, and that helps me eat less.

As to flipping the switch and working out... it's never something I'm very good at. I always, ALWAYS, have a reason not to go through with it. I just have to make it an obligation, one which I grudgingly honor, and then regret not at all.

ucfgeek said...

"Mom, do you ever feel, not so motivated?"

2 Tricks I have found to get me into the gym:

1) Pack a gym bag - If I go home I find 101 reasons not to go. So I have tried to take that out of the equation by going straight from working to working out.

2) Watch motivating TV/Movies - Read this one someplace, but it works. They suggested watching Rocky to get you motivated to go to the gym. I had the same reaction when I started watching "the contender" on tv.

Monster said...

Yeah, Fight Club always works for me.

Hex said...

I am Jack's considerably smaller bowl of breakfast cereal.

ucfgeek said...

In the context of tyler durden's stance on society's influence over perceptions of beauty, I find that a little ironic.