Chemical Sponge

I don't know about the science behind this, but I've noticed that now that I'm eating few calories (read: less food), food & drink with "medicinal" qualities effect me more.

For example, I have become, though I doth protest, a two-cup-of-coffee guy. I used to have a steady flow of coffee into my craw all day, but now the caffeine hypes me up quick, and I have to lay off in order to be sure that I'm making sense to the people around me.

Megan drinks some Kava tea to help relax her and prepare her for sleep, and as I haven't been sleeping well, I tried some last night. I was out like an f'n light.

So I'm wondering, do mood-altering chemicals and herbs and what-not act more potently if there are fewer calories/less food in my gut to soak them up? Could it be that I'm actually just a little healthier, and therefore more sensitive to chemical alterations?

Kinda crazy, but kinda nifty. Any indicator that things are working as they should is good by me.


Hex said...

This sounds like the grounds for an experiment.

Gather up all the mind-altering things you can think of and meet me near the blacklight poster that says Led Zepplin on it..

Monster said...

Dude... where were you?

I waited like, forever.

And this "Dark Side of the Moon" poster got really old.