Save Some For the Sequel

The gym fell off. The after-drinking meals at 3am found their way back. All the bad habits. All the laziness. All the doing nothing to balance out the excess. I'm clocking in somewhere around 260 these days, which just really sucks. And so here we are again, thinking that yet another all-or-nothing push will serve as the ultimate solution.

But hey -- if I don't do this one every six months I'd probably be 15 times bigger than I'd ever want to be, so look at it like an oil change, rotating the tires, or some crap like that.
Here's how it works:
Six/Eight months of the year -- get fat.
Two/Three Months afterwards -- freak out and try to get thin.
..Lather, Rinse, Repeat.
If I sound cynical, it's because it's getting harder and harder to not know that my current poundage is my own fault. And it's equally hard not to worry that like 4 weeks down the line I'll probably chuck it all away again and bulk back up for no good reason.
Things I HAVE to find a way to stop:
  • The one meal a day thing.
  • The midnight snacking thing.
  • The meal after night of drinking thing.
  • The not working out thing.
Scroll the archives back a few months and you'll probably find some variation of the exact same rant from me a year ago -- which is something else I have to find a way to fix.
But hey -- back at it, right?

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