Over the weekend I :

  • Didn't work out
  • Ate a bunch of Halloween candy
  • Ordered some really good pizza
  • Researched some exercises that I could do (while eating said pizza)
  • bought two of these:

I probably paid too much for them (some of the bigger name fitness companies sell products similar to this that cost $400, which is just insane), but I'm banking that "new toy" syndrome might actually work in my favor here. I've also been investigating something called Turbulence Training, which sounds a lot like P90X, which means it's most likely bunk -- but the websites show detailed descriptions of exercises I can do.

The thought is to build a workout that I can do whether I go to the gym or not. I'm not sure if it will work, but just because I skip doesn't mean I shouldn't do anything.

I do like the way the guy behind the Turbulence Training thing talks, but that only counts for so much -- because when you're fat and looking for a shortcut every skinny dude with biceps seems like an expert.

This guy's spin is that cardio doesn't help -- especially if it's extended time and steady pace. What he's pushing is interval training (varying speeds/intensities) mixed with weightlifting and of course -- a food plan that I'll glance at hopefully yet surely never follow.

Tonight is boyscouts with my son, which means I'll get home too late to go to the gym -- but I should be able to do at least some of the things I've researched out with these weights and some of the interval training stuff I've seen online.

Compared to the nothing I've been doing lately, I'm hoping it is slightly more effective.


Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS said...

Hey Hex!

Yeah, it should be better than nothing.

Definitely not a fad though, been around for 10 years training folks this way, helping Men's Health magazine out since 2000 with this type of training. Also have a real book, "Just Say NO to Cardio" (check amazon) and tons of free workout tips on youtube.


Keep up the great work,


Hex said...

Craig -- I gotta say, it's a little unexpected (and a bit bizzare) to get a comment directly from you on this, but I will say that I have been researching a lot of different programs recently and I'm really interested in yours.

In fact, I just bought the new book yesterday (prior to your comment, which is perhaps what makes it seem so weird).

Hopefully it will help.

Thanks for checking in!